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A number of years ago the deciding features of the Eastern football scramble was the annual gridiron clash between Harvard and Yale Crimson and Blue marched triumphant over their early season opponents and came to Stadium or Bowl to battle out the question of the Eastern championship. But in late years with the rise on every side of powerful teams all this has been changed and the Harvard Yale tilt has become less and less of a titular affair.

This year the preliminary showing of the traditional rivals has reached a low mark unique in the history of Harvard Yale football. Each team has won three games and lost four showing at its best flashes of power that seemed to presage a far more impressive record on the eve of the big classic than that now presented.

On the basis of records to date the Elis have a decided edge over their Crimson rivals. Against the three teams that both colleges have played Yale has carried off the same number of victories as Harvard, but in defeat the Blue has appeared to have a superficial advantage.

Crimson Weak Against Passes

Both teams have taken the measures of Dartmouth rising to their supreme heights of power in overthrowing the Big Green. The Hanoverians said that the Harvard line played a far stronger game than the Blue forward wall, but the Eli backs were more successful in stopping the always dangerous Dartmouth passing attack. This weakness against an air attack has been fatal to Harvard all season; it was under cover of a barrage of passes that Holy Cross came from behind in the second half to lower the Crimson colors and later Brown showed the ease with which aerial thrusts might pierce the Cambridge armor.

Yale Stronger Against Brown

In losing to Brown and Princeton, Yale was for more impressive than Harvard. The Elis held the mighty Bruins to one hard earned touchdown, while Coach Horween's men were sunk under 21 points. Against Princeton the Bulldogs flashed their real power and only a fatal failing to make use of opportunities prevented the Blue from flaunting proudly over the Orange and Black at the end of the game, while the Canta-bridgians never threatened the Tigers.

Teams Evenly Matched All in All

Yale's flattering by a strong Army team should be thrown out of the reckoning as should Harvard's walkaway against Tufts. Comparative scores are misleading in any case and in past years the futility of prophesying with a record book in one hand has been discovered. It is on the basis of Yale's better showing against Brown and Princeton that the Blue is favored to win, but to the unblamed observer the two teams trampled by other elevens loom as evenly matched as Harvard Yale teams ever are.

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