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Cerise Underclothing Lends High Tone to Eleemosynary Drive for Discarded Toggery--Malamutes Get Full Dress Vests


If next winter, Captain Donald McMillan visits the frigid shores of Labrador he will conceivably see a few native malamutes mushing in tweed knickers, full dress vests and starched Arrow collars, and touching up their huskies with squash racquets.

The Phillips Brooks House clothing canvass which closed last Saturday netted an odd assortment of Harvard haberdashery. Nineteen pairs by knickers, 20 soft felt hats, 15 stiff collars, four white full dress vests and one pair of cerise flannel underwear were among the sartorial prizes contributed for the needy Northmen.

In addition to the shoes, shirts, suits, and squash racquets donated, there were two desks, a phonograph and a bridge table; Saturday Evening Posts without number, a few score Vanity Fairs, and a landslide of text books completed the collection.

The usual harvest of ancient neckties added a festive note to the heap of habiliments viewed yesterday by a CRIMSON reporter. He was informed that these adornments, no matter how aged were always in demand, either among the Syrians of the Near East or the Ainus of the Far East. The most presentable suits will be kept for the poverty stricken of the United States, some of them being distributed in the vieinu of Cambridge.

Somewhere in the world there will be a place for the cerise red flannels, of this the social service men are certain. Once red, possibly crimson, this relie of a more cantious era of students yet retains enough color to complete the regalia of a Senegambian chief of comfort the heart of some Polynesian pauper.

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