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Wolf! Wolf!



To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

In your today's issue of the CRIMSON, Nov. 3, 1926, Mr. Vincente Villamin, the Filipino lawyer, economist, student of international affairs, etc., etc., etc., is reported as having declared that "windy sentimentalism is the driving force behind most of the agitation for independence in the Philippine Islands." Mr. Villamin ought to know because he is full of "wind" himself.

He is further reported as having declared that "The political separation of the Philippines from America would deal a heavy blow to the economic welfare of the Filipinos. . . . . since it would mean the destruction of our economic structure and the dislocation and disintegration of our social and political institutions and the lowering of our standard of living." Mr. Villamin's "deep" study of economics has led him to the conclusion that Filipines most attend to their stomach first before thinking of independence. Yes, indeed! Especially is this true of jelly-fish. And Mr. Villamin ought to know.

His studies of economics and international relations have so greatly affected him as to give him constant nightmares and hallucinations. Poor fellow!

If success could be attained through starting publicity by uttering a lot of "bunk", Mr. Villamin has certainly attained it.

Mr. Villamin could be credited as being the first and the only Filipino "Wolf! Wolf!" man that the Philippines ever have and ever will have. Respectfully yours,   Jose B. Cortea, '30.

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