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The Deans of Harvard University paid a tribute to President Abbott Lawrence Lowell at a special meeting of the several Faculties and Administrative Officers held in the Faculty Room of University Hall yesterday afternoon at 5 o'clock in observance of President Lowell's seventieth birthday.

Professor C. H. Moore, '89, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences read the following address, signed by the Deans of all departments of the University:

"To President Abbott Lawrence Lowell December 13, 1926.


"For nearly 18 years Harvard University has grown and prospered under your presidency. You brought to your high office ripe experience of public service, of teaching, of scholarship, and above all a clear vision of what this University may accomplish in leading its students to love learning, and the wisdom to discern the way. Under your leadership, scholarly attainment has become more attractive to young men here than ever before; and every part of the University has profited thereby. From the College now go each year into our graduate schools large groups of young men who have already distinguished themselves as scholars. They are prepared to search out principles and to deal with the problems of a world that is ever new. Such students are inspiring to their teachers and lead the way for their fellows. The increasing resort to our graduate schools and their recognized high accomplishments testify to their worth.

"Nor have you been unmindful of other things. In your administration unprecedented gifts have been made to the University. The consequent material growth has secured better living conditions for students; it has provided larger means for teaching, and opened greater opportunities for scholars young and old to pursue their studies.

"Faithful to our tradition, you have maintained freedom for both teachers and students to search for the truth and to report what they believe they have found.

"Therefore, in grateful appreciation of your unselfish devotion, your wise and inspiring leadership, and your high personal character, we, your associates in teaching and administration, today offer our congratulations on the past and pledge your our loyal confidence for the coming years."

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