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Photographs of Candidates Posted at All Booths--Members of Senior Class Chosen to Act as Poll Watchers


Elections for the first group of Senior class officers will be held today. All Seniors eligible to vote have been notified of the fact. The polls will be open in Sever Hall and on the main floor of Harvard Hall from 9 till 5 o'clock. The balloting booth on the second floor of Pierce Hall will be open between 9 and 1 o'clock.

In voting, members of the class are to check the name of one man for each office, except in the case of the Marshals, where three will be chosen and the preference for First, Second, and Third Marshal indicated.

It is essential that voters follow accurately the instructions printed on the ballot. In case of an error in the filling out of a ballot, that ballot will be void only as regards the officer for whom the marking is incorrect. The votes for the other officers on the ballot, if they are correct, will be valid. All ballots must be signed.

For the convenience of voters not familiar with the names of all the nominees, photographs of these men will be posted at the polls. Following is the list of poll watchers.

Sever Hall: 9-10, W. B. Jones, W. N. Bump: 10-11, W. N. Bump, William Mulford: 11-12, Hamilton Heard, William Mulford: 12-1, R. E. Gregg, Hamilton Heard: 1-2, R. E. Gregg, C. M. Clark: 2-3, W. B. Jones, C. M. Clark: 3-4, R. W. Sawyer, A. O. Fordyce: 4-5, A. O. Fordyce, R. W. Sawyer.

Harvard Hall: 9-10 S. G. French, T. H. Eliot: 10-11, B. T. Tompson, M. B. Wells: 11-12, A. M. Blackburn, R. T. Deenn: 1-2, B. G. Burbank, R. T. Dunn; 2-3, B. A. Burbank, S. G. French: 3-4, T. H. Eliot, L. D. Brayton: 4-5, M. B. Wells, B. L. Tompson.

Pierce Hall: 9-10, J. C. Spragus: 10-11, D. C. Colton, 11-12, E. B. Jackson: 12-1, C. R. Turney.

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