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The University Instrumental Clubs will open their schedule for the second half year when the first march is played in Brattle Hall at 8.30 o'clock tonight.

Seats for the concert have all been sold, and standing room is at a premium. A limited number will be admitted at the door for dancing after the affair.

Every one of the 150 members of the clubs will take part in tonight's concert. Three units of the club, the Mandolin, Banjo and Vocal units, will perform.

Besides these, the Gold Coast Orchestra of the Instrumental Clubs, and the Specialty Division, will put on their various acts. There are to be xylophone and violin solos by Harold Benfield 1G.B., and Albert Lind '29, respectively. J. H. Wright '28 and C. E. Henderson '28 will play a piano duet, and there will be selections by a Hawaiian quartet, made up of T. D. Howe '28, J. H. Monroe '27, L. V. Phelan '28, and E. M. Welton '26. Banjo specialties by L. V. Phelan '28, W. P. Pratt '28, and G. A. Norton '28, will also be featured.

Perry and Moynahan Perform

Individual specialties for the occasion will include a ventriloquism act by Kingsley Perry '28. Perry performed at the 1928 smoker last year, and displayed a marked adeptness at making the dummy talk. G. B. Moynahan '26 will provide the other special feature of the evening. He is scheduled for an eccentric dance act.

The Gold Coast Orchestra, led by J. H. Wright '28, which will play for the dancing after the concert, will render several selections. The victrola records, for which the orchestra played exclusively for Columbia while in New York, will be on sale tonight.

The Banjo Club will play several pieces, among them the "Harvard Football Medley."

The newly organized Vocal Club will sing "Johnny Harvard" and "Schneider's bard", the list of which was written by A. G. Mason '86. The Mandolin Club will play the Venetian Love Song". "Pizzicati", and the "Thousand and One Nights Waltz."

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