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Vagabondage Rewarded


From Harvard comes word that the CRIMSON has acquired a new staff correspondent who will be known as the Student Vagabond. He will write a daily column in the Harvard paper concerning his academic travels. According to the CRIMSON the announcement of this new creation "has been greeted by members of the faculty as a progressive step toward the stimulation of intellectual curiosity." "The primary object," the CRIMSON continues, "of the daily contributions of the Student Vagabond will be to facilitate visiting by students to courses in which they are not regularly enrolled."

Harvard is a fertile field for such a creation. The academic freedom upon which rests the partial tutorial system of this great institution of true learning furnishes a fitting background from which the Student Vagabond will set out to attain his end. Such liberal tendencies in the field of education as the one mentioned above are being instituted daily the country over. We sometimes wonder whether Cornell is keeping pace with these modern conceptions of education. Rules, regulations, and restrictions would make impossible such an innovation with such a purpose as is envisaged by the creation of the Harvard Student Vagabond. The student Vagabonds are with us but their excuse for existence is quite different. We gasp when we think of the utter hopelessness of attempting at Cornell to stimulate visiting by students to courses in which they were not regularly enrolled. The professor's attendance record might be upset! --The Cornell Sun.

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