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New York theatres and especially the so-called "little theatres" continue to follow in the steps of the Dramatic Club in the matter of choosing plays for their select audiences. Three of the last four plays presented for the first time in the United States by the Dramatic Club are being produced in New York within a month. The "Makropolous Secret," which was given at the University in the spring of 1924 has already been received enthusiastically and gives promise of a long run. R. C. Burrell '24, a member of the American Laboratory Theatre who was president of the Dramatic Club in 1924, adopted and directed Karel Capek's play at the University, and is producing the present New York version.

At the opening performance of "Mr. Paraclete" last fall, Theresa Helburn, director of the Theatre Guild in New York, attended with a view to weighing its possibilities as a Theatre Guild production. Word has recently been received that the Evreinos play, which has been presented under various titles will open in tour weeks as a Theatre Guild production under the name of "The Chief Thing." A different translation from that of W. L. Laurence '11, which was used by the Dramatic Club, will be followed, however.

G. E. Massey '13 has announced his intention of producing the Dramatic Club venture of last spring. "The Moon is a Gong," with practically no changes at all. The play will open in the Cherry Lane Theatre in about two weeks.

According to a recent announcement by the publishers of Theatre Arts magazine. J. M. Brown '23, former president of the Dramatic Club has been appointed as assistant editor to take the place of R. E. Jones '10, who was also for merly a Dramatic Club president.

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