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By L.b.r.b. Jr.

Although the serial story of "Bobbed Hair" which ran in the Saturday Evening Post was the composition of twenty-one authors, all white and sober, it is the most inebriate tale which we have ever happened to find. Although we were not chosen among the twenty-one, we are quite capable of producing an equal absurdity any time of the day or night.

It seemed a shame to hamper the abilities of Marie Prevost with a slap-stick story and a crazy continuity. In her own particular field, which is domestic farce, Miss Prevost is without a superior. But what price pug-nose and winsome and sophisticated smile in a steam launch beset by gangsters? Mr. Kenneth Harlan, her out-of-movie husband, saw her through most solicitously. Otherwise she was in very bad company.

Louise Fazenda has been doing cute comedy on the screen so long that we are getting a little bit tired of her. Dressed in a man's sailor outfit she is repeatedly outguessed by a most intelligent dog who carries fifty thousand dollars around in his mouth during three quarters of the picture. This is scarcely amusing, but it's great from the standpoint of canine efficiency.

The original author had an idea of confounding the next nineteen or twenty by placing his heroine on the point of a matrimonial bob. Miss Prevost is to signify her choice of husband by either cutting her hair or leaving it long. Author number twenty-one finally staggered through with the brilliant solution of giving her a semi-bob. And that's the whole story, or as much of it as we shall put down here.

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