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To which one can only answer as would the Delphic Divine from over the East River--"My dear young lady, your situation is indeed a difficult one. But there are two sides to every story and you have only shown me one--the outside. Yet I sincerely believe that if you can keep your husband from dipping his bread in his breakfast coffee you will have done all that any wife could do--except to continue, as Glenn Hunter has said, 'his best friend and most severe critic'--for he will need both."

Which inspires me to add this final verse of Somebody Else who took the Owl for the haven of supper clubs and sentient souffies. I think last night, and who really doesn't much care whether you--

Embryonic Ph.D.,

Dipping bread so carelessly,

When you know the derivation

Of each word in all creation,

Pity unlearned souls like me--

Don't dip bread so sans souci,

Embryonic Ph.D.

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