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New Haven, Conn., February 5.--Carlos F. Stoddard Jr., who retires this week as editor of the Yale Daily News, said today in the leading editorial of that newspaper that the French peasant is incomparably more devout and chast than the rank and file of Americans; that France is infinitely more civilized than we are; that Italy has created art which few of us are fit to look upon. Mr. Stoddard's editorial, signed by him, was entitled "One Last Shot", and was a final volley of the News at prohibition, which the News has consistently attacked during his administration.

For this it was the object of a hot verbal attack on the floor of Congress a week ago. Today's editorial discussed the statement of Prosecuting Attorney Buckner that prohibition cannot be substantially enforced. It said that "where as Americans used to flock to Europe as a tribute to a civilization which we have not attained, we now flood the continent with a disgraceful, thirsty crew that makes the name of America ridiculous in European eyes." The editorial said: "The majority of Americans subscribe to what masquerades under the name of Christianity. Why not make it compulsory and thus insure the attitude and ideas of the whole country? There would be a constitutional amendment for you There would be the making of a finer citizenry, their religion outlined, their beliefs insured. It would be ridiculous for Americans to go to church because they had to; it is equally ridiculous to look for good in a man's not drinking because he cannot. Connecticut, whatever its faults, never has and, God willing, never will ratify that impediment to the country's ambitions to be civilized, the Eighteenth amendment.

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