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When Fool Counsels Fool



Query No. 62.--

I have a boy who seems to be a damned idiot, chiefly due to inheritance from his mother's father. He has got through high school and now I want to send him to college--a good one, if possible. Of the big ones, which is the easiest? He has good manners and weighs 165 pounds at 19, but he simply has no sense. Where will he have the best chance to get by? This is no joke. I am a busy man, and serious. Manufacturer, Cincinnati, O.

Answer No. 62.--(February, 1926)

I would advise "Manufacturer" to send his idiot son to Harvard. I am a recent Harvard graduate myself, and I wish to assure him that there is no university in the country where it is easier to get by with a minimum of work. It is an actual fact that throughout my entire four years I read no more, in the aggregate, than fifty small pages of large type, and that I skipped eighty per cent of the lectures I was supposed to attend. I not only did not fail to get through; I graduated cum laude!   Harvard '21, Providence, R. I.   --"Notes and Queries,"   American Mercury.

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