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The appointment of Robert S. Hillyer '17, for six years a member of the English department of the University, as Assistant Professor of English at Trinity College, has been recommended to the trustees of that institution and will be ratified at their next board meeting in April, it was announced yesterday. Mr. Hillyer will be given complete charge of Freshman English when he takes up his new position at Trinity next fall. For the remainder of the year he will continue to give English 16, the History and Principles of English Versification, one of the courses formerly given by Dean Briggs.

After returning from France in 1919, where he had served since April 1917, first in the Norton-Hayes Ambulance Corps and later as first Lieutenant in the Ordinance department, Mr. Hillyer was appointed as assistant in English A, and during the past year has served as an instructor in English. In 1920-21 he was awarded the American-Scandinavian Scholarship and was given a leave of absence of a year to spend in Copenhagen. As an undergraduate Mr. Hillyer was editor of the Harvard Monthly honorary editor of the Advocate, a member of the Poetry Society, and winner of the William Garrison Poetry Prize in his Junior year.

Poet's Last Ten Years Prolific

Theodore Morrison '23, at one time a student under Mr. Hillyer, last year an instructor of English at the University, and at present with the Atlantic Monthly magazine speaks of his former instructor in the following words:

"There is nothing specious in his enthusiasm for literature. It is not affected as decently due to his profession. Rather his love of letters preceded and informs his professional knowledge and skill with persuasive warmth. It would be a part of him whatever he did, and would communicate itself in ways superior to formal instruction. Colleges need such teachers. Liberal studies depend on them. And what is more needed, in college and beyond, that the spirit of those who have been enlightened by liberal studies?"

During the last ten years Mr. Hillyer has written several notable poetical works. In 1917 he published "Sonnets and other Lyrics", which was the first book of original verse published by the Harvard University Press. "The Five Books of Youth," and "Alchemy--A Symphonic Poem", were finished in 1920, and three years later his two volumes "The Hills Give Promise", and "The Coming Forth by Day", were published. Mr. Hillyer's last work was completed last year and entitled "The Halt in the Garden."

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