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Three crews were picked yesterday from the University squad by Coach Stevens. The first eight stroked by John Watts '28, remains in the same order as it has rowed for the last fortnight, the second and third crews are newly formed.

P. H. Nitze '28 is in the stroke seat of the second boat, and Barrett Scudder '27 has been put at stroke in the third crew. Scudder has been rowing on the 150 pound squad, and joined the University group yesterday. Another new face in the third boat is T. D. Howe '28, who has been wrestling and so unable to row until this week.

The crews line up as follows:

First--Stroke, John Watts '28; 7, F. L. Barton '26; 6, Captain Robert Winthrop '26; 5, Geoffrey Platt '27; 4, J. P. Hubbard '26; 3, Kent Leavitt '26; 2, C. F. Darlington '26; bow, J. L. Barry '27; Cox, C. H. Pforzheimer '28.

Second--Stroke, P. H. Nitze '28; 7, W. G. Saltonstall '28; 6, H. R. Browning '27; 5, C. O'D. Iselin '26; 4, E. J. Canning '26; 3, Edward Page '28; 2, J. H. Perkins '27; bow, Donald Murchie '28; cox, W. W. Beer '26.

Third--Stroke, Barrett Scudder '27; 7, D. H. Bowles '27; F. P. Weymer '26; 5. D. C. Gates '26; 4, T. D. Howe '28; 3, Oliver Ames '26; 2, F. M. Sedgwick '27; bow, Frederic Winthrop '28; cox, A. M. Carrillo '26.

The first crew, on paper, appears to be a powerful combination, and a large number of veterans are rowing in the second and third crews. Saltonstall and Murchie, on the second, and Howe and Winthrop, on the third, all rowed in the Freshman boat last spring. Canning, Iselin, Weymer, and Gates all have rowed on University in other years.

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