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The 1926 football season and the new coaching regime were inaugerated last night at a meeting of football men held in the Varsity Club. The feature of the meeting was the introduction and speech of Arnold Horween '21, recently appointed head coach.

"The real job in producing a successful football team next year doesn't lie with me, or the other coaches who will be appointed later, but with you men who are going to make up the team," was Horween's opening remark on next season's program. "I'll be here to tell you everything I know and to give you all the help I can, but it is you who are going to actually play the games, and it is with you that the ultimate success of the season must rest. I am proud to come to Harvard to coach men who have the record behind them which your team made in the Yale game last fall. I am also glad to have a chance to work with a captain whom I think a well qualified to lead the team as Coady.

Horween Lauds Bingham

"There is another advantage which next year's football team will have over the teams of former years, and that is the fact that Harvard has an Athletic Director. Bill Bingham is the kind of a man who will give a great impetus to all branches of Harvard athletics.

"I have not been here long enough to become thoroughly acquainted with the situation at Harvard, or to formulate a definite outline for spring practice. The purpose of spring practice. The purpose of spring practice is twofold. In the first place it gives us a chance to try out new formations and new ideas, and secondly we have an opportunity to look over new material which we wouldn't have in the fall. At present I don't know scarcely any of you, but I hope to know every man here before the spring season is over."

Bingham Opens Meeting

Captain Coady introduced as the first speaker of the evening W. J. Bingham '16, Director of Harvard Athletics. Mr. Bingham said in praise of the selection of Horween as head coach, that he was a man who realized that the fundamentals of the game hadn't changed much during the last ten years, but the game had changed on these fundamentals, and that Horween was acquainted not only with the new game but with the old fundamentals. "I also want to introduce Horween to you as a man who will make football a game," Mr. Bingham said, "not but that he is going to make you work, but at the end of the season every man on the team will be able to say he has enjoyed the game."

Coach Farrell Boosts Track

The last speaker of the meeting was Coach Farrell of the University track team. He urged football men who were not particularly interested in any spring sport to come out for track between now and the beginning of spring football practice. He said that track has a great deal to offer a football man in teaching him how to run, and how to manage his legs.

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