Progressive Labor Party Organizes Solidarity March With Harvard Yard Encampment


Encampment Protesters Briefly Raise 3 Palestinian Flags Over Harvard Yard


Mayor Wu Cancels Harvard Event After Affinity Groups Withdraw Over Emerson Encampment Police Response


Harvard Yard To Remain Indefinitely Closed Amid Encampment


HUPD Chief Says Harvard Yard Encampment is Peaceful, Defends Students’ Right to Protest



The decision of the Senior Class Committee to raise its twenty-fifth anniversary gift through the medium of the Harvard Fund harmonizes two important methods of University financing. By a series of contributions in proportion to their income, the men of the class of 1926 will keep in direct contact with the University. Since the fund aspires to secure a greater number of individual subscriptions rather than single, large bequests, young graduates will in no sense be placed under the financial pressure of an endowment drive.

The Harvard Fund is intended to supply money for the many extra budget needs which always present themselves Since no stipulations are attached to the use of the fund, it can be expended in filling the largest breaches in the budget. By thus closing the inevitable gaps between the larger gifts ear marked for a specific purpose, the fund supplies a long-felt want.

In furnishing the means to carry on the movement for "more and better" tutors, the Harvard Fund alleviates a definite evil. From the ordinary sources of revenue, but little provision is made for an advance in the salary scale of the present instructors, which should necessarily be proportionate to the rising cost of living. If the proper type of college graduate is to be attracted to the teaching profession, a decent minimum standard of existence must be offered. An increase in the number of tutors and section men is also imperative, since the individual student is now the unit of instruction.

By merging its donation with the general Harvard Fund, the class of 1926 directly helps to fulfill this impressive tutorial need. The Seniors have chosen an appropriate method of expressing their loyalty to the University.

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