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At a meeting on Wednesday, April 14, at 9 o'clock in the New Lecture Hall, the entire Freshman class will assemble to hear a discussion of the conditions regulating the choice of a field of concentration. The meeting is to be held under the auspices of the Committee on the Choice of Electives and will be similar to those which have been held for the last three years.

Three men will speak to the class to 1929 on their choice of a field of concentration. President Lowell will give a talk, covering the ground generally; Dr. R. M. Eaton, head tutor in the department of Philosophy, will speak on the relations of the student to his tutor; and Assistant Dean Delmar Leighton '19 will explain in detail the steps the Freshman must take to enroll in a field of concentration, as well as the making out of a plan of study.

Will Send Out Circulars

Early in next week, every Freshman will receive a copy of the revised edition of the rules relating to college studies, in addition to a circular giving the office hours from April 12 to May 15 of the men who will act as representatives of the various departments in which concentration is permissible. Freshmen are encouraged to call upon these men to talk with them in reference to the fields in which they are interested before making a final decision on the department in which they will concentrate. The choice of the field of concentration must ordinarily be approved by the man who has acted during the Freshman year as the student's faculty advisor.

Every Freshman must, besides, make out a plan of study for the entire college course, consisting of the courses which he intends to present for a degree in fulfillment of his requirements for concentration and distribution. If he wishes to be a candidate for distinction he must file the list of courses which he intends to present for distinction.

This plan of study is, of course, necessarily tentative, since students frequently change their plans as a result of work in a given field. It is important, however, that in choosing the schedule of courses for next year the program for the entire college course be considered as a whole.

May Change Fields

Changes in concentration are also freely allowed until the middle of the Sophomore year, and even later, if the student shows the Committee on the Choice of Electives good reason for the change.

At the same time that they submit their programs for the next three years, members of the class of 1929 must present a list of the courses which they intend to take in the first half of 1926-27. Any who wish to enter graduate or starred courses are strongly urged to get, so far as possible, the consent of the instructor this spring, rather than in the fall. Changes from the program submitted this spring will, however, be freely allowed at registration in September.

The plan of study and the choice of the Sophomore program must have the approval of the representative of the field of concentration. Both the plans and study card must be filed at 2a University Hall not later than 1 o'clock on May 15. Any filed after that date will be subject to a charge of $5.

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