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It has often been a matter of mild wonder to the Vagabond to see the amount of effort which is expended upon the modern art of advertizing. From the paintings which illustrate Parfume "Chant d' Oiseau" or "Flame de Gloire" --a glossary of French for the advertisement reader has recently been compiled--"Bodies by Fisher" and "Boneless Codfish", to the circulars urging college men "to look their prettiest on that important occasion" an unbelievable amount of effort is expended upon luring the unsuspecting purchaser.

Often on looking through the pages of some of the popular magazines the question has occurred to the Vagabond as to whether such publications exist for as well as by advertising. In any case, it is needless to point out that an infinite amount of effort, thought and even genius is expended. Whether it is wasted or not, is not a matter which need be discussed here. Dr. Mason will do so this morning at 10 o'clock in Emerson F.

Other lectures of interest are:

"The Secession Movement, 1860-61", Professor Schlesinger, New Lecture Hall, History 32b."

12 O'clock

"Chinese Zermism", Dr. Hu Shih, Emerson J, Philosophy 2.

"Vasco da Gama and Magellan", Professor Usher, Widener U, Economics 10b.

"Grillparzer: Der Traum im Leben", Professor Burkhard, Sever 6, German 26b.

4 O'clock

"China and Modern Western Civilization", Dr Hu Shih, Emerson D.

8:15 O'clock

"Expositions of Chamber Music", Mr. Arthur Whiting assisted by Miss Minn Hager Contralto, Paine Concert Hall, Music Building.

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