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The mid-year records of students in the College announced yesterday, furnish some interesting figures and comparisons, especially in the increased percentage of men achieving Dean's List standing. Following the mid-year examinations, the number of students placed on the Dean's List was 579, or 17.9 per cent of the enrolment, as compared with last year's 500, or 16.6 per cent.

This group of 579 men includes all those whose work was consistently of B average, and is made up of the first three groups of the Rank List. The students on the Dean's List are divided among the classes as follows: Seniors, 153; Juniors, 157; Sophomore, 103; Freshmen, 149. In addition to these there are a number of men who were on the Dean's List before mid-years and who did not take the examinations.

These figures show an increase in the case of the Senior class of over one per cent, of the Junior class of over five per cent, and of the Freshman class of almost two per cent. In opposition to these, a decrease of almost two per cent is shown in the case of the Sophomore class.

The improvement in the Junior class is notable not only in the increased percentage of men in the first three groups, but also in the decreased percentage of students with unsatisfactory records, there being this year only 38, or 5.6 per cent of these as opposed to 67, or 10.2 per cent last year at this time. The class of 1927 also improved its own record for last year at this when 110 of its members were on the Dean's List. The present Junior class was the first class to enter under the new requirements and a large number of its members were dropped during its Freshman year which may account for its present record as one the best classes in its Junior year on record.

It is interesting to note that of the increase of 81 men on the Dean's List is one entirely of the numbers in the second and third groups, and 12 men who were in probation for unsatisfactory records won Dean's List standing at mid-years. The percentage of unsatisfactory records was about the same this year as last. Of the 30 men required to leave collage as a result of the mid-year examinations, only one was in each of the two upper classes. There were in addition nine Sophomores and 19 Freshmen, showing an increase of six in the former and one in the latter class over last year's record, when 26 men were required to leave.

Some of the most interesting figures are those connected with Freshman class. In 1924 the number of Freshmen on the Dean's List was 89, being 9.5 percent of the enrolment. This year the number is 119 and the percentage of the enrolment is 14 percent. This shows a steady increase in the percentage of mew Freshmen on the Dean's List.

Another very interesting fact brought out in the figures complied by the Dean's office is that the new Freshmen who have entered the collage from private schools are responsible very largely for the rise in the percentage of the Freshmen class on the List, showing an increase of a full 3 per cent over last year, while the percentage of the men achieving unsatisfactory grades was alightly decreased. The percentage of the new Freshman admitted from public schools to get on the Dean's List showed a slight increase over last year, while the percentage of unsatisfactory men also was increased. The percentage of the men admitted on the Honor Plan to achieve the Dean's List was 26.1 as opposed to 21.9 last year.

The list of those who were included in the first two groups follows:


Class of 1926

E. M. Bailen

S. H. Checkver

Lester Ginsburg

S. J. Kunits

T. B. Massell

J. E. Stocker

Birkbeck Wilson

Class of 1927

P. N. Arnold

Jacob Carp

A. H. Chase

M. I. Katz

Harold Rosenwald

R. T. Smith

S. B. Sommerville

John Volkmann

Class of 1928

A. W. Bettigole

E. M. Hoover

J. W. Singer

Hyman Sobell

I. S. Stamm

Class of 1928

A. W. Bettigole

E. M. Hoover

J. W. Singer

Hyman Sobell

I. S. Stamm

Class of 1929

Ernest Blondis

R. B. Gierasch

D. H. Marfield

R. H. Norris

L. J. Rittenband

D. M. Sandomire

W. S. Seidel

Out of Course

H. K. Adams


Class of 1926

A. Van A. Austin

Richard Baltzly

S. S. Cairns

F. L. Barton

F. M. Carpenter

L. P. Dantzig

G. D. Debevoise

A. P. DeWeese

G. C. R. Eley

M. C. Ferguson

H. T. Fischer

I. H. Freudenthal

I. H. Gorovitz

I. H. Hartwell

J. MacL Hawkes

A. S. Keller

C. T. Lane

J. C. McDonald

Dudley Merrill

B. D. Leahey

E. K. Moriwake

W. F. Nash

W. I. Nichols

E. H. Ober

C. J. Rauh

E. S. Robinson

L. B. Roots

E. D. Salinger

L. U. Shapiro

Davidson Sommers

E. B. Spaulding

F. P. Smallwood

J. B. Vernaglia

B. K. Wadia

D. W. Wallwork

K. M. White

D. E. Wood

Class of 1927

M. I. Abrams

K. O. E. Anderson

J. S. Ballantyne

W. J. Bendey

T. S. Berry

S. A. Buckingham

R. C. Birge

Guernsey Camp

A. T. Child

W. B. Cline

J. R. Creel

D. L. Dlekson

H. J. Donahue

M. J. Donovan

George Ebbecke

Eugene Eisen mann

L. P. Feinberg

D. G. Fisher

J. S. Gallo

Abraham Ginsburg

E. A. Herper

P. M. Herzog

Alan Holske

Judah Issacs

K. A. Kazanjhan

L. S. King

H. L. Kozol

W. E. Mydans

J. R. Richardson

B. L. Rideout

L. A. Rusin

G. H. Sage

N. W. Schur

S. N. Shurtcleff

Herman Snyder

Philip Soloman

S. W. Stark

W. D. Street

R. L. Stroock

A. H. Swirsky

Henry Ware

L. H. Weinstein

L. A. Weissberger

M. A. Westgate

II. F. Williams

Class of 1928

E. T. Berkley

Arnold Berman

E. L. Bleveiss

A. C. Cohen

Sidney Darlington

H. B. Elkins

Robert Fienburg

G. A. Flagg

Emaneul Ginsburg

C. H. Hartwig

Israel Hoffman

F. S. Hulse

W. R. Huntington

P. C. Johnson

C. H. Jones

W. A. Koshland

H. L. Lodish

E. G. Mantle

Douglass Pillinger

N. M. Pusey

C. S. Raymont

A. S. Reinhart

W. F. Ridout

M. C. Ross

Abraham Rubenstein

R. T. Sharpe

W. V. Strauss

A. C. Taylor

R. C. Westgate

Class of 1929

J. M. Alper

George Alpert

N. S. Barnes

A. E. Artin

J. K. Barre

L. B. Benjamin

W. H. Cleaver

H. L. Cobb

J. P. Cooke

M. U. Copeland

R. F. Courtney

R. C. Darling

R. E. Durkee

R. R. Ehrlich

J. S. Frame

Carl Ginsburg

R. J. Goldwater

L. R. Herrick

Leo Huberman

Morris Isenberg

J. D. Kenney

Wells Knierim

Harold Lounport

C. L. Lundin

W. B. McMaster

E. W. Moore

Abraham Raum

P. H. Rhinelander

E. A. Rieckman

Saul Rosenzweig

J. F. Ryan

L. H. Seiff

M. H. Siegel

Jerome Simmons

H. J. Slaughter

F. T. Stone

W. S. Tower

A. J. Whitne

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