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At a session, unique in the history of University administration which was held yesterday morning, ten undergraduates spoke before the Board of Overseers, and told them with the utmost frankness their impressions of present conditions at the University.

On the arrival of the undergraduates shortly before 11 o'clock, President Lowell and other administrative officials withdrew from the Faculty room where the Overseers met, leaving the students alone with the graduate body. For the following two hours they talked to the Overseers, and answered questions which were put to them.

Cheek Presides

The conduct of the meeting was in the hands of M. A. Cheek '26, President of the Students Council, and during the early part of the session, he introduced a series of students who spoke on various topics of interest to the Overseers. E. C. Aswell '26, Chairman of the Student Council Committee on Education, discussed the report recently drawn up by his committee. W. L. Tibbetts '26, described the changes made in the student employment office during the past year. Cheek himself spoke enthusiastically of the change brought about in Harvard athletics by the creation of the position of a Director of Athletics, now held by W. J. Bingham '16. J. D. Hitch '27, President of the Glee Club explained the reasons for the Club's withdrawal from the intercollegiate contest.

Meeting Too Short

Following the prepared talks by the students, the meeting was thrown open to questions from the Overseers, many of which remained unanswered when the meeting adjourned for lunch at 12.45 o'clock.

Although it had not been planned originally, the undergraduates accompanied the Overseers to Gore Hall, where they continued their discussion of College affairs, at lunch. This morning, in addition, following the request of Mr. Howard Elliott '81, President of the Board of Overseers, the ten students will return to the meeting of the Board to reply to any further questions which so far remain unanswered.

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