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The Last Judgment


There must be a good many people, taking the country as a whole, who never went to Harvard and can't be expected to know, therefore, that "Brown of Harvard" never went there either. Not by several thousand miles; not in spirit or by proxy or by a damsite, or in any other way. Brown belongs not to Old Harvard but, remotely, to Old Siwash, which never existed. And much the same is true of all his playmates in the picture. As to the action:

When Brown first arrives in Cambridge he mistakes the Dickey Clubhouse for his dormitory and is thrown out on his ear. Nothing daunted, he proceeds to "pick up" the pretty daughter of a professor. The following spring, the night before the boat races at New London, he gets stewed, although he is substitute stroke on the freshman crew and is called upon to row the race, which he loses. Finally, with his help, Harvard licks Yale at football ten to three. Is it necessary to go on? You may not know much about Harvard, but believe me, such things just don't happen there.

William Haines, who plays the title role, carries out Main street's idea of a wise-cracking rah, rah with a good deal of spirit and charm. If only such beings as the stage collegian existed, I could applaud his interpretation. Judge, May 29.

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