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The accomplishments of the Eastern Inter-collegiate Newspaper Association Conference at Dartmouth over the weekend are such as to commend themselves to student thought generally, but with varying interest and enthusiasm. The agreement facilitating news exchange reacts first of all upon the papers themselves, while the question of over-emphasis on football has now become in the popular mind one of method and degree. But the decision reached at Hanover to give publicity and editorial attention to the National Student Federation strikes a note of especial importance.

It is a reminder that the Executive Committee meeting of the Federation in New York last February set a number of projects in motion. It planned a clearing house for inter-collegiate news and a file for college journals to be established at Princeton; it provided for the publishing of a pamphlet containing a comprehensive survey of scholarships open to American students; it delegated one of its members to attend the English National Union of Students' Conferences next winter; and set the date for a new convention.

The resolution of the Newspaper Association is the first organized intercollegiate recognition of these purposes which all agree, lead to broader education. The implied commendation of these purposes and the substantial aid it is in the power of college journalism to give them, should raise them somewhat in the student mind from the ephemeral and purely idealistic to the real and attainable. The action comprises one step away from collegiate Babbitry.

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