Prince and Princess Stop at Several Colleges and Homes in One-Day Visit to Boston and Environs

At 11 o'clock this morning, Gustaf Adolf, Crown Prince of Sweden, and Crown Princess Louise will arrive, in Cambridge for a visit to the University and to the Longfellow House. They will be received at University Hall in the Faculty Room by President Lowell and a small company of the officials of the University.

After the small informal reception of welcome to Harvard, the prince and his party will go to visit Widener Library and the Peabody and Fogg Museums. The brief tour of the Museums over the royal party will make their way to the Longfellow House where a reception will be held by Miss Longfellow, daughter of the poet.

Yard to Be Closed to Public

The Secretary to the Corporation has announced that pictures are not to be taken in the Yard during the hours from 10.30 o'clock to noon. The Yard will be closed to the general public during the later part of the morning. Both the Peabody and Fogg Museums will be closed at the time of visit.

From the time the royal party crossed the Massachusetts state line a whirlwind tour has been in order. The morning's program is typical of the general daily procedure since the Crown Prince and Princess arrived in this country.

They will leave the home of H. J. Coolidge in Beverly at 9.20 o'clock, and motor to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where they will make a brief tour of inspection. Then they will proceed to Harvard.

After their stay in Cambridge they will go to the State House. At 1 o'clock luncheon will be served for them at Fenway Court and they will inspect the art treasures. At 3.30 o'clock tea will be served at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. A brief stop will be made at the races of the Brookline Country Club, and at 5.45 the new building of the State Street Trust Company will be inspected.

The party will leave from the dock at the foot of State Street on board the yacht of R. T. Paine. Arrival at Pride's Crossing is fixed for 7.15 o'clock and at 8.45 o'clock a dinner will be given for the guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Prince in Wenham. This program will continue during the remainder of the visit of the royal party in this country.