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The following review was written especially for the Crimson by Kendall Foss '27, President of the Advocate as a return favor for impressions of the last number of the Advocate, written by "Mr. Axel Whiffletree", President of the Lampoon.

There is a function for every under graduate paper to perform. Underlying the selections set forth for the information, improvement, or amusement of its readers, there is a half-conscious realization of a policy to be held to with more or less of consistency. The current Lampoon contains one contribution which fulfills this requirement of a purpose admirably. This is Lampy's conception of the proposed Memorial Chapel, for besides being an amusing caricature of the contemplated steeple, it manages to show up in high relief the absurdities of the design as reproduced in the CRIMSON last week. The editors may congratulate themselves on having helped to prick another bubble. It is to be regretted only that they do not perform this useful service with greater regularity.

An heroic poem entitled "The Malign Comedy" and surrounded by a frieze-like border that merits close scrutiny is given the place of honor in the number. The poet enjoys the eminently satisfying experience of visiting the nether regions and viewing those worthies who have intrigued his interest on the lecture platform. The reader will readily observe that the artist, too, enjoyed his work in depicting the nether regions. Despite the trace of bitterness always in evidence in an undergraduate's opinion of his intellectual antennae at the season of the finals, the epic is a worthy successor of the now famous Italian's Comedy to be found on the reading lists for Modern Authors Examinations.

Misdemeanor, the work of a Colyumist, outdoes the weekly ebullitions of a similar nature in the other College Comic. The author has evidently perused the parallel column with some regularity and something less than whole-hearted admiration.

Unevenness is the most marked characteristic of this last Lampoon of the year: some things are extraordinarily good, some will pass, and many should never have been sent to the typesetter. One can almost hear the editorial sigh which issued from the sanctum when the last correction had been made and the comfortable realization dawned that three months would clapse before another convulsion had to be gone through with.

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