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To the Editors of CRIMSON:

The witless criticism that has been drifting about college in regard to the proposed chapel, and which has culminated in your columns, seems to me not only pointless but in bad taste and verging on the sacrilegious. The lack of religious feeling in Harvard has reached such a point and is so well known that something must be done about it. What could be more fitting than a new chapel to stop the mouths of the hypocrites, beathens, and one-cylinder Shaws, who raise their puny, babbling voices demanding that God be sold for a gymnasium?" It will put Harvard on the map in religion as Haughton did in football.

The beautiful chapel which is shortly to be raised is opposed by certain crass souls so sunk in materialism that they prefer the flesh pots to the beauty of tranquil worship in cool marble halls. And think of the poor boys sleeping their last sleep in France--what could be more suitable than this aspiring, finger pointing toward Heaven in perpetual memory of their noble exploits? And what is wrong with the present gymnasium besides the fact that it is old and-considerably infested with the smallest of God's creatures. After all, should God be sacrificed because of a few bugs?

As for the aesthetic and artistic side of the question--are the ignorant judgments of undergraduates to be weighed against some of the finest architects in New England? This vignette of loveliness planted among the ancient elms in the Yard will be a true religious inspiration to all thinking souls. Its spacious porticos and massive columns will be an inducement to thousands of beauty lovers to come and jam its pews in search of the road to righteousness. It will be an basis of holiness in a desert of sin. Anthony Feathersione Jr. Occ.

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