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New Concentration Field Will Have Three Tutors -- Mathematics Also Under Tutors for First Time


The University, through Delmar Leighton '19, chairman of the Committee on the Choice of Electives, last night announced the establishment of a new field of concentration in Bio-Chemical Sciences. The new field will be under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and will supply tutors for direction in the field of study. Divisional examinations will be held for the first time for Seniors next May.

First Science To Use Tutors

The addition of this field marks a notable extension of the tutorial method of instruction in the University, a movement of which the CRIMSON has long been a supporter. Bio-Chemistry is the first scientific field of concentration to adopt this comparatively new development in American education, and together with Mathematics, which will be taught for the first time by tutors this fall, represents two important gains for the tutorial system.

Three tutors will be appointed to give instruction outside the laboratory and class rooms, but their names have not yet been made public.

In general the new field of concentration will appeal to students who are planning to take up the study of medicine after their graduation from college, but the requirements are not such that all undergraduate study need take on the nature of pre-medical training.

Announces Requirements of Field

Students concentrating in this field must select three courses in Chemistry, one course in Physics of a grade higher than Physics B (unless Physics B is passed with a grade of A or B) and two approved courses within the following subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics, Certain courses in other subjects which are related to the individual program may be approved.

For distinction students must complete a program which will meet the requirements for concentration and in addition, must take two approved courses in the four fields specified above.

Permits Wider Range of Study

Concentration in this field will permit a more diversified range of study in the three sciences. Chemistry, Biology, and Physics than is usually given in concentration in any one of these fields, since not more than three courses are required within one department. Although this field is not intended solely for men preparing for medical schools, the program of the new field will fulfill the requirements of most medical schools.

Inquiries in regard to the new field may be made at Holyoke 27, Sophomores Juniors, and Seniors wishing to concentrate in Bio-Chemical Sciences should signify their intention at once at the office of the Committee in charge of Electives 2a University Hall.

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