In the Graduate Schools

One Fifth of Quota Has Been Subscribed Before Start of Drive

The organization of $5,000,000 campaign for the Harvard Law School, which was announced last spring, but which will not officially open until this fall, is now practically complete, and the drive itself promises to be successful.

Stoughton Bell '60, of Boston, is chairman for the States of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut in the drive for funds. That widespread support of the compaign will come not only from the public is forecast by W. M. Powell '98, of New York City, who is national chairman of the campaign.

Powell Forecasts Success

Mr. Powell points out that already more than one-fifth of the amount sought has been promised, although the campaign will not formally open until October. Of this as was recently announced $400,000 is from private donors and $750,000 is a conditional gift from the General Education Board. This is the board's first contribution toward legal research: and the fact that the program of the school has been endorsed by the board will go far, Mr. Powell believes, toward creating in the community a conviction that it meets a real need and promises practical results of permanent value.

For campaign purposes, the country has been divided into eighteen regions, the regional chairmen being:


Sidney S. F. Thaxter '07, Portland; Stoughton Bell '00, Boston; J. P. Cotton '00, New York; Stevens Heckscher '99, Philadelphia; W. C. Coleman '09, Baltimore; M. L. Wallerstein '15, Richmond; Murray Seasongood '03, Cincinnati; Hugh Shepard '00, Detroit; W. C. Boyden '89, Chicago; P. N. Booth '99, Louisville; M. M. Lemann '06, New Orleans; E. M. Grossman '96, St. Louis; Pierce Butler, Jr. '17, St. Paul; D. B. Trefethen '01, Seattle; Nathan Pereles, Jr. '07, Milwaukee; M. C. Sloss '93, San Francisco; R. V. Reppy '05, Los Angeles; and T. A. Knight '15, Dallas.