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On some morning of this week, students sleeping in the Yard will bound from their beds under the impression that bedlam and inferno have broken loose; for the 4500 pounds of metal in the new bell in Harvard Hall will be catapulting wildly from side to side of the reinforced tower for the first time.

For the last 26 of the 162 years of Harvard Hall's existence, a bell weighing only 550 pounds has been anathema to drowsy denizens of the Yard as it bellowed forth its call to chapel. Future generations, however, will have eight times as much provocation for invoking the Deity, as the tones of the new monster invade their slumbers, not with, ineffectual persistence as of old, but with a clangor calculated to hurt them from their beds, trembling and pallid.

The Gargantuan bell was imported from Loughdowrough, England. It is made of bronze and bears the inscription. "In memory of the voices that are hushed," a large Harvard seal, and the year 1926. Designed with the end in view of reaching the Business School as well as the college, the new bell is said to emit an unusually penetrating notce, which can, and must, be heard even at a great distance.

The bell is now resting on a trebly reinforced bed. Further strengthening of Harvard Hall has just been completed.

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