Polling Booths as Usual in Sever and Harvard Halls Open From 8.45 to 5 O'clock, in Pierce Hall From 9 to 1

Elections of the second and final group of Senior officers will be held today in Sever and Harvard Hall from 8.45 to 5 o'clock and in Pierce Hall from 8.45 to 1 o'clock. A Permanent Secretary, a Permanent Class Committee of two, a Class Day Committee, of seven, and an Album Committee of five members are to be elected from the 33 candidates for office who have been nominated. The balloting and counting of the votes will be under the supervision of a committee of Juniors appointed for the purpose, and the election results will be announced in the CRIMSON tomorrow.

In balloting, the voter must vote for only the number of men to be elected to each office. A check is to be made opposite the name of one candidate for Permanent Secretary, two for the Permanent Class Committee, five for the Album Committee, and seven for the Class Day Committee. If a voter does not check the required number of candidates for each office, the votes cast by him for that particular position will be completely discarded. This rule has been made necessary to avoid possible errors in counting the votes for the various candidates for each office. All ballots to be considered must be signed by the voters and should be marked in pencil.

The Junior Committee in charge of the balloting is headed by A. R. Sweezy and includes J. P. Cotton, James De Normandie, P. I. Dunne, J. K. Fairbank, A. H. Harlow, W. G. Hazard, J. W. McPherson, Robert Reinhart, P. H. Rhinelander, J. H. Sachs, H. F. Schwarz, R. A. Stout and W. S. Youngman.

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