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A treaty proposing arbitration of all international disputes, drafted by Professor F. B. Sayre L. '12, of the Law School will be the instrument of an appeal to be made to France this summer by the American Arbitration Crusade.

The American Arbitration Crusade embodies a group of citizens interested in securing arbitration as a universally established method of international settlement. This summer a delegation of students from six American universities, including Harvard, will go to France to visit French universities and present Professor Sayre's treaty, with an appeal for action. This move follows on the recommendation of Foreign Minister Briand of France that such a treaty be drawn up between the United States and France.

To Found International Court

The treaty provides for the establishment of a Permanent Court of International Justice or a Permanent Conciliation Commission, to which shall be referred all disputes between the contracting parties which cannot be settled by ordinary diplomacy. By request of either party the Court will assume jurisdiction in any questions not referred to any other judicial body. The decisions of the Court are to be accepted as binding in all cases.

The proposed Permanent conciliation Commission is to be composed of five members. Each contracting party shall nominate a commissioner chosen from its respective nationals, and shall appoint, by common agreement, the other three commissioners from among the nationals of three other powers. The two parties shall appoint the president of the commission from among the members.

The task of the Commission shall be to elucidate disputed questions, to collect all information necessary, and to endeavor to bring the parties to an agreement.

The resolution of the American Arbitration Crusade, stating the purpose of the movement, and prepared with the assistance of Professor E. M. Borchard of the Yale Law School, seeks the outlawry of war by the establishment of arbitration as a permanent means of settlement of international dispute. It closes with a resolution that the President of the United States be petitioned to take the initiative in negotiating treaties with other nations, beginning with Great Britain, providing for the arbitration of all pecuniary claims and legal issues arising from injury to persons or property, and the obligatory submission to arbitration of all disputes which diplomacy fails to settle

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