No injuries of a serious nature resulted from Saturday's encounter with North Carolina, all men with the exception of J. G. Douglas '30 and W. R. Harper '30 reporting for practice yesterday afternoon. While the first team ran through signal drill, Team B scrimmaged the second Freshman combination.

Douglas and Harper, both suffering from slight leg injuries were given the day off, and will be ready for action this afternoon. Of the other members of the University team, David Guarnaccia '29 and R. H. O'Connell '30 received shoulder bruises, but were not prevented from working out with Team A. The Crimson forces will be brought to their full strength for the West Point clash with the return of J. W. Potter '30, full back, S. L. Batchelder '31, halfback, and F. S. Davis '30, tackle, all of whom will be fit before the end of the week.

Team A Tries New Plays

While team A was going through the new running and passing plays which Coach Horween will use against the cadet eleven, team B downed the 1932 B forces by a 21 to 0 count. The interception of two first year passes, both potential scores, by F. S. Grant '30 and George Crawford ocC. was of importance in stemming the 1932 attack and in producing the University scores. The first touchdown followed Grant's interception of a Freshman aerial thrust, when a series of off-tackle slants by G. L. Graves '31 and Grant carried the ball to the Freshman 22-yard stripe. T. F. Mason '30 then swept around left end for the touchdown. Captain A. E. French '29 went into the play, scoring the extra point from placement.

The second score followed in short order, with Graves and Mason rushing the ball from the opponent's 43-yard line, the latter going over for the score. E. T. Putnam '30 booted over the point.

Just before the close of the scrimmage, Crawford prevented another potential 1932 score when he intercepted a pass on his own 25-yard line. On the next play he hurled a pass to R. S. Ogden '31 at midfield, who twisted and dodged his way for the third touchdown. Crawford's drop kick was good.

Team A lined up as follows for signal drill: F. A. Pickard '29, l.e.; J. E. Barrett '30, l.t.; J. N. Trainer '31, l.g.; B. H. Ticknor '31, c.; W. D. Ticknor '30, r.g.; F. A. Clark '29, r.t.; R. H. O'Connell '30, r.e.; E. T. Putnam '30, T. W. Gilligan '31, q.b.; A. E. French '29, l.h.b.; David Guarnaccia '29, r.h.b.; A. W. Huguley '31, f.b.