Today is an important day in Forecast annals. Up to this point there has been nothing really worthy of my talents. Picking winners has been as easy as prognosticating the presidential election. Send a stamped, addressed envelope, by the way, and I'll give you the inside dope on any state. Wall Street friends have asked me to make no public announcement for fear of the effect it would have on the market. Joe, Junior, saucy little brat, asks me to make it clear I mean the stock market and not the second hand fruity market.

It is known to few, I being so modest, but I hold an honorary degree of F.F.D. from the Electoral College--Doctor of Fenomenal Forecasting. So mine is the last word on presidential problems. At this point an impertinent CRIMSON editor has accused me of bluffing. He insinuates that though I know all about football I am the veriest dub on matters presidential. So I'll give you the inside dope on New England--just to show this fellow. Cut this out and paste it on your mirror. The morning after election you can wire me your congratulations (prepaid, please).

Maine--Hoover by 55,000,

New Hampshire--Hoover by 15,000.

Vermont--Hoover by

Massachusetts--Smith by 45,000.

Rhode Island--Smith by 10,000.

Connecticut--Hoover by 10,000,

* Democrats are not allowed to vote in Vermont.

Order next week's CRIMSON now if you want to know about the Middle Atlantic States. My Wall Street friends won't like to have me go back on my promise like this, but there is a Forecast tradition that out word is no better than our bond.

But to get back to football. I feel in a confidential mood today. I'll tell you all about the Army game. Sh-h-h! Harvard will score in the first seven minutes of play, two lateral passes from Guarnaccia to French playing a big part. French will kick the goal. Score at end of first quarter, Harvard 7, Army O.

In the second quarter Army will march 65 yards for a touchdown, long end run by Cagle featuring. Somebody or other will kick the goal. Just before the end of the half Harvard will score on a drop-kick by either Gilligan or Devens (sorry to be a little doubtful on that, but even I am not perfect). Score at end of half, Harvard, 10, Army 7.

In the third and fourth quarters many interesting things will happen. It is hardly fair to the poor H. A. A. to reveal anything more. We don't want to have any empty seats, what with all the overhead--and B---1 B---g---m still wearing his last year's hat.

As for the other games: Dartmouth 20  Columbia 7 Yale 27  Brown 7 Notre Dame 20  Georgia Tech 0 Holy Cross 20  Fordham 7 Nebraska 14  Syracuse 6 Penn 13  Penn State 6 Illinois 14  Indiana 7 Minnesota 16  Chicago 0 Wisconsin 20  Purdue 13 Ohio State 27  Michigan 7 Occidental 7  Whittier 0