Harvard Club Only Organization to Meri Requirements--Second Prize Contest Proposed

Tentative plane for the formation of a national organization which would have charge of college aeronautics were drawn up by a committee appointed at the Conference of College Flying Clubs held last Saturday at New Haven, it was announced yesterday by R. B. Bell 26, president of the Harvard Flying Club.

Bell was the Harvard representative at the conference, to which delegates from the University of Illinois, the University of Detroit, Cornell, Carnegie Tech., Northeastern, New York University, M. I. T., Pennsylvania, and Harvard. The plans drawn up call for an organization to be allied with the National Aeronautical Association, which would make use of the latter's machinery.

Would Serve Three Purposes

This national intercollegiate organization would accomplish three main purposes. First, it would serve to keep the college Flying Clubs of the country in contact with each other, and as an authority for calling them together for conferences. Second, it would serve as an information bureau to aid in the forming of new clubs, and give advice as to methods of finance and operation. Third, it would serve as a governing body for intercollegiate competition, and would help to spread interest in aviation among the colleges. In general, it would the intercollegiate aeronautics together into a compact form with a permanent organization.

Intercollegiate Race Cancelled

Grover Loening, noted airplane designer and builder, announced in his speech to the convention that his proposed intercollegiate race has been indefinitely postponed. This, he said, was due to the fact that the Harvard Flying Club was the only organization which actually had a plane, and pilots sufficiently experienced to meet the necessary regulations.

Proposes Prize Contest

In place of this race, Mr. Loening proposed another form of contest, in which a prize would be given to the club which excelled in number of hours in the air per licensed pilot, number of pilots developed during a year's operation, and safety in operation.

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