Backfield Shakeup to Inject Passer Into Lineup Possible--Gilligan and Batchelder Considered.

After three days of complete rest from the steady drive of the regular practice sessions, the University football squad will return to action on Soldiers Field this afternoon to launch its final drive in preparation for the climatic clash with the Yale bulldog, less than two weeks off. The Crusader contest this Saturday will be an excellent opportunity to set the Crimson gridiron machine in motion once again and oil up the rusty cogs before the biennial journey to the Bowl at New Haven.

Backfield Shift Likely

The game with Pennsylvania once again demonstrated Harvard's weakness in the forward passing department and much of the coaches' time with the squad this week, and next, will undoubtedly be devoted to developing and perfecting the much-needed aerial attack. It has been rumored that a shakeup in the backfield combination will be one of the first steps in this direction and this afternoon's practice session should undoubtedly reveal the nature of this shift. It seems likely that T.W. Gilligan '31, and S.C. Batchelder '31, first string backfield substitutes, will feature in the change. Both of these men have shown ability in throwing and receiving passes and are rated as the two leading passers on the squad. In the Lehigh encounter, Gilligan made several accurate aerial thrusts and got the ball off while on the dead run.

Gilligan May be Fullback

Just how Coach Horween will fit either of these men into his backfield is a matter of doubt. It has been suggested that Gilligan may replace W.R. Harper '30 at fullback. The former is efficient behind the line on the defense and, with a little more grooming, should develop into a versatile back. Another possibility is the substitution of a passer for the quarterback, and the assignment of Captain A.E. French '29 to the signal caller's post. Whatever combination may be evolved, it will receive an excellent test under fire against the Holy Cross invaders, very strong defensive players.