Schedules for Seven Winter and Spring Sports Announced---Additions Made to Baseball List

Three additions to the University baseball schedule for 1929 were contained in the list of schedules released yesterday by the Harvard Athletic Association. On April 17, Harvard will play the University of Maine, on May 4, the team will meet St. Bonaventure's College, and on May 14, it will oppose Lafayette College on the diamond.

The schedules released yesterday follow: POLO University Feb.  9  Army at West Point. Feb.  16  Yale. Feb.  22  Cleveland at Cleveland. Feb.  23  Cincinnati at Cincinnati. Freshman Feb.  9  Yale at New Haven.

SQUASH RACQUETS Team A Dec.  15  Harvard Club at Boston. Dec.  27  Nassau Club at N. Y. Dec.  28  Tennis & Racquet Club at N. Y. Dec.  29  Harvard Club at N. Y. Jan.  5  Cambridge Squash Racquets Club. Jan.  12  Newton Center. Jan.  19  Tennis & Racquet Club at Boston. Feb.  9  Yale at New Haven. Feb.  15  16, 17 National Championships at New York. Feb.  23  University of Pennsylvania tentative. Team B Dec.  15  Union Boat Club. Jan.  5  University Club at Boston. Jan.  12  Boston A. A. at Boston. Jan.  19  Cambridge Squash Racquets Club. Jan.  26  Harvard Club at Boston. Feb.  2  Harvard Medical at Boston. Feb.  9  Walk-Over Club. Feb.  16  Lincoln Inn Society. Team C Dec.  15  University Club at Boston. Jan.  5  Walk-Over Club. Jan.  12  Boston A. A. Jan.  19  Country Day. Jan.  26  Harvard Club. Feb.  2  Harvard Freshman. Feb.  9  Harvard Medical at Boston. Feb.  16  Weston Club at Weston. Feb.  23  Lincoln Inn Society. March  2  M. I. T. at M. I. T. March  9  Newton Center at Newton. Freshman Dec.  1  University Club. Dec.  8  Walk-Over Club at Brockton. Dec.  15  Boston A. A. at Boston. Jan.  5  Country Day at Newton. Jan.  12  Harvard Club at Boston. Jan.  19  Weston Club at Weston. Jan.  26  Harvard Medical School. Feb.  2  Harvard Team C. Feb.  9  Lincoln Inn Society. Feb.  16  M. I. T. Feb.  23  Newton Center at Newton. March  2  Newton Club. March  9  Union Boat Club. March  16  Yale.

WRESTLING Freshman Jan.  5  M. I. T. at M. I. T. Jan.  12  Interdormitory Meet. Feb.  2  Choate at Wallingford. Feb.  9  Tufts. Feb.  16  Harvard Second Team. Feb.  23  Brown at Providence. March  2  Andover. March  9  Yale at New Haven.

FENCING University Feb.  9  Columbia at New York. Feb.  15  University of Pennsylvania. Feb.  16  New York University. Feb.  21  M. I. T. (tentative). Feb.  23  Bowdoin. Feb.  28  Boston University. March  2  Yale at New Haven. March  9  Navy at Annapolis. March  16  N. E. Divisions. March  28-29  Intercollegiates at N. Y.

CREW University May  4  M. I. T. May  11  Cornell. May  18  Penn and Navy at Annapolis. June  21  Yale at New London. Second University May  4  M. I. T. May  11  Cornell. May  18  Penn and Navy at Annapolis. June  21  Yale at New London. Freshman May  4  M. I. T. May  11  Cornell. June  21  Yale at New London. 150 Pound University May  4  M. I. T. May  18  Yale. 150 Pound Freshman May  4  M. I. T. May  18  Yale. Class May  18  Yale. Combination June  20  Yale at New London.

BASEBALL Freshman April  3  Wentworth Institute (tentative). April  17  St. Anselm's. April  20  Milton at Milton. April  24  St. John's Preparatory School. April  27  Worcester Academy at Worcester. May  1  Tufts. May  4  Exeter. May  8  Holy Cross. May  11  Dartmouth at Hanover. May  15  Andover at Andover. May  18  Brown. May  25  Yale.

TENNIS Second University April  27  Open. May  1  Clark University. May  4  M. I. T. 2nd Team (tentative). May  8  Andover at Andover. May  11  Tufts (tentative). May  15  Exeter at Exeter. May  18  Open. May  22  Open. May  25  Yale 2nd at New Haven.