Position of Center and Goal Guard Are Still Uncertain--Jackson May Take Place of Elkins in Cage

HARVARD  UNIVERSITY CLUB Giddens, r.w.  l.w., Hodder Holbrook, c.  c., Mickles Tudor, l.w.  r.w., Everett H. Bigelow, r.d.  l.d., Owen A. Bigelow, l.d.  r.d. Perry Elkins g.  g., Learnard

An untested University hockey team will take the ice at 8.15 o'clock tonight in the new Boston Garden for a clash with the strong University Club sextet.

Although neither starting lineup has been officially announced the opening combinations on the basis of previous games will probably be of the order shown above. It would not be surprising to find O. P. Jackson '29 replacing W. L. Elkins '29 at goal because of his superior work in the opening game with M. I. T. last Wednesday which Harvard won 9 to 1. J. B. Garrison '31 who starred at center in last weeks performance has been pushing G. C. Holbrook '30 for the center berth and it is entirely possible that he may be on the ice when the first whistle blows.

The University Club which suffered a 1 to 0 defeat in its opening game with Yale on Saturday night will probably be strengthened by the presence of George Owen. Jr., '23 in the defense line. J. P. Chase '28 may be in the University Club's forward line in place of either Everett, or Clark Hodder '25.

The real test which will be made tonight is that of a suitable goalie. The University Club has a strong cage-man in Learnard who vied with Farrel of Yale on Saturday night in making difficult and spectacular stops. Jackson, Elkins, and H. H. Newell '29, who will all probably get a try at the goal position for Harvard, will have to be in the best of form to match the opposing cageman.

Coach Stubbs was reticent last night about commenting on the men he was going to send out for the opening whistle. He did state however that there would be only 16 out of the 23 members of the squad on hand. Coach Stubbs also stated that no fixed combinations had been tried out at yesterday's practice which was of short duration.