Will Publish Full List of Ushers and Patronesses Next Week--Date of Dance Is March 2

The entire Dance Committee for the twenty-third annual Junior Dance, which will take place in Memorial Hall on Friday evening, March 2 this year, was announced by A. R. Sweezy '29, Chairman of the committee last night.

Members appointed to the Committee yesterday are J. H. Sachs '29, A. T. Hartwell '29, R. A. Stout '29; the head-usher will be James Lawrence '29, and James de Normandie '29 will fill the position of treasurer.

A complete list of patronesses and ushers is to be announced within a week after the beginning of the coming term. Ticket applications will be sent out as soon as students return for the beginning of the next semester; they will not, however, be accepted after February 17, in order to give the committee sufficient time to send out the invitations to the ladies.

It was also announced that although the orchestra for the dance has not been definitely chosen as yet, negotiations are already well advanced.

The date for this year's Junior festivity is two weeks earlier than in previous years in view of the athletic events and other attractions which take place during the weekend of March 3. The most interesting games scheduled are the Harvard-Yale hockey match, which is to be played in the Arena, and a polo game with Yale, to be held in the Commonwealth Armory. In addition a wrestling bout with Williams and Freshman squash match with the Union Boat Club will take place.