Freshmen Get Second Chance at News and Photographic Departments--Sophomores Write Editorials

Freshmen will have their second opportunity to compete for the CRIMSON when competitions for the News and Photographic departments open with a meeting at the Crimson Building, 14 Plympton Street, at 7 o'clock on Monday. At the same time the Editorial department will offer a chance to Sophomores.

All three competitions will be of nine weeks duration, excluding the spring vacation. The work is planned to come to an end in time to leave a few days before the beginning of the final examination period.

Until this year, all competitions for the CRIMSON were 11 weeks in length. The policy which has curtailed them to nine weeks has instituted two spring Freshman tests instead of the single competition which was formerly open to first-year men.

Candidates for the News department are required to gather and write up the news for each day's issue. Photographic candidates are instructed in the art of taking and developing pictures and accumulate the material for the Photographic Supplement. One editorial a day is the requirement for all aspirants for the Editorial department.