Collections and Critiques

Bronze, Iron Works, Ceramics, Shown This Week in Water-Color Room

A collection of bronze sculpture, iron work, and ceramics by Hunt Diederich, is on exhibition this week in the Water Color room of the Fogg Museum. The versatility of Mr. Diederich is illustrated by the variety of the examples of his work. There are bronze statues, fire screens, a wrought iron wether vane, silhouettes, and several decorated plates in the exhibit.

Mr. Diederich was born in Hungary in 1884. His sculpture and iron work have a modernistic tone, and the long, slim lines of his figures convey admirably the idea of swift motion inherent in most of his works. His favorite subjects are taken from out-of-doors life especially of polo and hunting scenes, in which his speeding figures seem fairly to fly over the ground.

Mr. Diederich's silhouettes bear a close resemblance to the type of his sculpture a resemblance which is also noticeable in the ceramics on exhibition.

The type of the subjects Mr. Diederich chooses is indicated by their titles.

His sculptures now on exhibition are "Running Dogs," "Polo," "Dog and Gazelle," "Horse and Rider," "A Horse," "Cats," and "Diana."


The titles of his wrought iron fire screens are "A Cock-Fight," "Man and Horse," "Wolf and Dogs," and "A Picador."

Among his silhouettes, typical subjects are of polo, an Indian, several boxers, a cock-fight, a trumpeter, and several bull fighters. The paintings of the ceramics are of similar subjects.