Three Matches Arouse Especial Interest--Feature of Evening Is 175 Pound Class Won by O. T. Roberg

Before an enthusiastic crowd of 700 spectators filling the Hemenway Gymnasium to capacity the finals of the University boxing tournament were held last night at 8 o'clock.

Four new champions were crowned while others retained their championships. The new title holders are J. T. Mooney '31, Benjamin Eisner 2L, C. A. Floro 2L, and O. T. Roberg 1M. Three matches were of especial interest. In the 145 pound class G. N. Burns '29 succeeded in holding his title, after battling through to a semi final and final bout. At the outset of his first bout with Perry Baird 4M he was taken by surprise and during the first round was largely at the mercy of his opponent. In the last two rounds, however, his greater stamina saved him. In the final bout with R. A. Thomas '30 the crowd was several times brought to its feet. The bout was close but again Burns' even boxing brought him through.

In the 160 pound class C. A. Floro 2L. succeded in retaining his last year's title by knocking out Harold Lockhart ocC. after two rounds.

The feature of the evening, however, was the final bout of the 175 pound class. In the two preliminary battles O. T. Roberg 1M, captain of the Princeton team last year, and Stuart French '29, worked their way to the finals. The ensuing battle kept the gymnasium in a continual uproar. Roberg's ability to take punishment and his terrific punches in the last round gained him the decision.

In the unlimited class R. E. Johnson 1M out-punched K. D. Robinson '29. Johnson was winner of the 160 pound titles in 1925 and 1926 and last year was holder of the 175 pound crown.

The bouts were as follows:

115 pound class--J. T. Mooney '31 defeated A. C. Murray '28 by decision.

125 pound class--Aaron Gordon G.Ed. defeated V. G. Warren '30 by decision.

135 pound class--Benjamin Eisner 2L defeated E. S. Dennis '28 by knockout.

145 pound class--G. N. Burns '29 defeated R. A. Thomas '30 by decision.

160 pound class--C. A. Floro 2L defeated Harold Lockhart ocC. by knockout.

175 pound class--O. T. Roberg 1M defeated Stuart French '29 by decision.

Unlimited class--R. E. Johnson 1M defeated K. D. Robinson '29 by decision