President Leatherbee of the Harvard Dramatic Club made known late last night the results of the secret meeting which kept the lights going in the Advocate House until ten o'clock.

"The Success of The Chisolm Trail" said Leatherbee, "has led us to select a series of American dramas that should delight a number of the undergraduates. First on our list comes The Lynching of Jesse James by Myrtle Mull into which we are now planning to introduce our motorcycle Agnes Dinwitte's foaming drama The Johnstown Flood is next on the list it is especially suitable for the H. D. C. in as much as it is based on the old ballad Lips that Touch Liquor shall Never touch Mine."

"We have gotten no further than printing posters on the other plays," he continued, "but their titles may be significant. Frankie and Johnnie, a light farce with a Derringer Climax the motorcycle will appear in this): The Golden Ophir Mine of Redputch by Francis Full who lived through those wild days: The Murder of Blue Eyed Ella of which pathos has only recently been appreciated: an anonymous gem called Idaho Ike."

When questioned closely President Leatherbee admitted that the meeting had not gone smoothly. "There was one man who suggested that instead of acting the plays we rent the films from a ten cent picture palace, but I am proud to say that we vindicated the honor of the H. D.C. by immediate expulsion."

President Leatherbee said the Dramatic Club ever sought letter plays and some day hoped to get Mr. Bell-Wright to do a dramatization of When a Man's a Man.