Mishaps Thrill Spectators as Eight Flashes to Victory

Thousands were held breathless on the banks of the Charles as the Junior Crew negotiated the Henley course in record time, the Seniors and Sophomores coming in 2nd and third respectfully.

At the whistle the Seniors though long in the water and powerful in the pull through showed a dangerous tendency of shooting the tail which caused a noticeable check. The Junior Crew, likewise weak at the start, were a trifle slow in the catch and sloppy on the slide. Meanwhile, the Sophomores were hampered by a crab at No. 7 which caused a slight panic. Crabs at Nos. 5 and 6 entered the boat later on in the race. Ragged as was the start the boats tore through the water. The crowd roared advice from the shore but the cox after several "let runs" could make nothing of it.

With riggers awash and coxswains pounding, the three crews flashed past Harvard bridge, bow to bow. There a careless spectator dropped an umbrella from the span. Unluckily it knocked the megaphone from the coxswain's mouth and thus completely disabled the crew.

Holding a bare length on the Juniors, the Sophomores raised from 38 to 40 and from 4 0to 45. Juniors followed suit. It looked like a sure Sophomore victory when from shore Coach Ed Brown bellowed out. "Feather yer Bullworks." Which was no sooner done than the Juniors crossed the line, winning handily.