Harry N. Williams of Boston Is Named President--Lake, Mayward, McCoy, Among Vice Presidents

Thomas Hopkinson Eliot '28, of Cambridge, has been awarded the Lionel do jersey Harvard studentship at Cambridge University for the coming academic year, it was made known today at a meeting of the Associated Harvard Clubs assembled in their thirtieth annual conference at Philadelphia.

At the same time officers for the Associated Harvard Clubs for the coming year were named. Harry N. Williams '85, of Boston, has been elected president. Nathan Percales Jr. '04, of Milwaukee. Mind., secretary, and Mackey wells '08, also of Milwaukee, treasurer. About 700 graduates are in attendance at the three-day meeting.

The regional vice presidents named were: Northeast, Everett J. Lake '92, of Hariford, Connecticut, former governor of Connecticut; East, Nathan Mayward '95, of Philadelphia; South Central, Walter 1. McCoy '82, of Washington, D. C.; South, Maxwell H. Kilbert '89, of Jacksonville, Fla., Central, Joseph L. Palatine '98, of Chicago, III.; West Central, Dan B. Holt '90, of Fargo, N. D.; Southwest Central, Edward Mallinckrodt Jr. '00, of St. Louis, Mo.; Southwest, Louis W. Hickey '10, of Dallas, Tex.; North Pacific, Rogers MacVeagh, of Portiand. Ore.; South Pacific. Roy James '09, of Los Angeles, Call.; Canadian, James A. Eckles '10, of Montreal, Ont.; European, James Hazen Hyde '98, of Paris; Orient, Viscount Hyde '98, of Paris; Orient, Viscount Kentaro Kaneko '78, of Japan.

Yesterday the Associated Clubs' meeting was set aside primarily for business, with conferences in the morning and afternoon being followed by a banquet with President Lowell speaking in the evening.

Today is to be one of sports and sight-seeing excursions for the assembled alumni, with the University Band supplying music throughout the day. Trips through the historical sections of Philadelphia, and other points of interest, will be followed this afternoon by a baseball game between the University and Pennsylvania teams, and the crew races on the Schuylkill between Harvard, Pennsylvania and the Navy.