Comparative Records Disclose Little Difference--Entire Crimson Squad Ready for Action

Set on avenging the startling 4 to 1 upset handed them last season by the Dartmouth six, the University hockey forces will clash with the Big Green this afternoon in the hills of Hanover. The contest will mark the last scheduled appearance of the Harvard sextet before the start of the next half year.

The Indian skaters, who have presented a formidable front to all opponents so far this season, will be greatly handicapped by the loss of Fryberger, crack wingman and one of the leading scorers during the last two campaigns, who is suffering from a cut tendon. The Dartmouth six thus far has suffered but one defeat, that at the hands of Yale, but this setback came after much of the scoring punch had been extracted from its attack through the loss of Fryberger. Prior to this it had twice turned back Boston College and McGill and battled Toronto to a 2 to 2 tie. In Captain Morrill Bott, veteran goalie who is wearing the Green uniform for his third season. Dartmouth has one of the outstanding cage defenders in intercollegiate hockey circles:

Comparative records, in so far as they are applicable, seem to maintain an even balance of power between the Crimson and Green teams. Early in the season HARVARD  DARTMOUTH Tudor, l.w.  r.w., Rogers Putnam, c.  c., Jeremiah Giddens, r.w.  l.w., Heath H. Bigelow, l.d.  r.d., Booma A. Bigelow, r.d.  l.d., Shea Jackson, g.  g., Bott

the University Club, greatly aided by its orstwhlle leader, George Owen '23, recently turned star in professional ranks, eked out a 4 to 3 win over Harvard. The Crimson conquered McGill by a 3 to 2 count in an overtime clash and later fell before a powerful Toronto aggregation by the same score. In a return clash, an overtime period failed to break the scoreless deadlock.

Coach Stubbs will start the same lineup this afternoon which answered the referee's whistle in the second Toronto game. The regular Tudor-Putnam-Giddens and Stanley-Holbrook-Lakin forward line combinations will be ready to maintain a high pressure attack on the Green cage. O. P. Jackson '29, who has turned in several remarkable performances in defense of the Harvard goal, will resume his regular berth today, and the relative power of him and Bott may tell the story of the game