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"Bigger And Better Than Ever"



The exploits of a youth named Lawrence Cohen Jr., a recent convert to the doctrine of Socialism and president of a coterie of Harvard students who have embraced the same questionable policy serve to illustrate not only the enthusiasm of youth but may also indicate the lengths to which a thirst for notoriety and public notice will oftentimes carry a person of otherwise commonsense mind and motive.

Because young Cohen is the son of a wealthy father in New York and because that father has no sympathy with the economic theories of his son, the latter's sensational acts during the past week or more in the advocacy of his political principles has been "played up" by the newspapers of this section to the extent of several columns.

Cohen's acts and the publicity that has been given them may be all right from the standpoint of sensationalism and a longing for notoriety but the serious minded of Socialistic belief will agree that they do far more harm to the cause which the young man has espoused than they can possibly do good. They place upon Socialism the stigma of absurdity and scorn--and the doctrine already has about all it can stagger under of these two impediments to its progress.

The undergraduates of Harvard threaten to take young Cohen in charge and to give him the "water cure" before he brings further discredit upon the venerable institution at which he is an accredited student.

We do not advocated extreme measures outside the law, but--well there are a lot of Socialists to whom a generous treatment of water would do a world of visible good. --Cambridge Evening Journal.

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