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Treasurer's Report of Yale Shows Endowment is Smaller Than Harvard's--Alumni Raise $9,000,000 Since 1890


The total endowment of Yale, from figures made public today in the Treasurer's annual report, amounts of $67,695,600.66. Investments in which this total is contained consist mainly of stocks, bonds, mortgage loans, and real estate. Harvard's total endowment, in round numbers, amounts to $86,000.000.

Figures covering the Yale Alumni Fund show that about 8,000 graduates contributed during the year ending June 30, 1929, and that since the establishment of the fund in 1890 it has given over four and a half millions to the University for current needs, at the same time building up a permanent endowment almost equal to it.

Prominent among the gifts of the past year is one from the late Otto T. Bannard, Yale '76, National Chairman of the Yale Endowment Fund Committee: a fund of $540,000 for the University Library. This gift is in addition to his bequest of his residuary estate, estimated at over two millions, to the University for its general purposes. Other large contributors were the late Payne Whitney, and the late Chaunecen M. Depew.

Tuition and fees paid by students showed a marked increase over the amount of the preceding year, it is announced. Figures show that for every dollar paid by the student for his education almost two dollars is furnished by the University from the income of gifts to endowment which have been made during the years to enable the University to furnish its facilities at a minimum cost to the student body.

To help the student meet his fees and other expenses, there was disbursed last year $484,595 in scholarships, fellowships, and loans to over 1200 men.

Yale's total operating expenses for the year were slightly over six millions, over three-fourths of which was for educational costs and administration. Maintenance and operation of the physical plant cost about one and a half million dollars.

The Dining Halls, in addition to catering for the Freshman Class, served an average of 1622 meals per day in the upperclassmen's cafeteria, at an average cost to the patron of 44 6 cents per meal.

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