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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

Monday's editorial on the Fogg Museum Library sounded a praiseworthy note for reform in two particulars, opening on Sundays and access in the evenings through the front entrance of the Museum.

But there are further shortcomings of the Fogg, just as serious, to which no allusion was made. These are: the extremely poor lighting of both the Large and Small lecture rooms during slide-lectures; the noise and inefficiency of the ventilating system; and the swarming of women students in the Library, particularly at times immediately preceding examinations in large Fine Arts courses.

The lighting in the lecture rooms is so bad when the lamps are dimmed for slide projection that a positive strain on the eyes results from an hour's attempt at taking notes in the gloom.

The roar of the ventilating apparatus in the upper lecturer room and the Library is so loud as to prove a distraction in the latter and even to drown out a low-voiced lecturer in the former, while the air in the upstairs room seems to benefit not at all from the uproar when a large course such as Fine Arts 9a is in session.

As for the feminine contingent in the Library,--is Radcliffe still a "Harvard Annex" to such an extent that it can provide no Fine Arts books or photographs for its students? Their presence in what should be strictly a men's Library is most of all annoying because of the space taken up and next because of the apparently irresistable temptation to whisper which these ladies manifest.

The Fogg cannot of course be perfect either in construction or handling, but much can yet be accomplished there, and the CRIMSON has made a good step towards bringing it about.

Name withheld by request.

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