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"Alone in his glory, the great god of Football broods over the tiers of the empty stadia. This new-born yet mighty deity muses on the months that will have passed until the course of a new year shall again bring thousands to cast themselves at his feet. But though the god be dormant the cult goes on, for while high Priest Grange preaches the spirituality of football, thousands of coaches or minor clergy urge reverence for their chosen divinity.

"Yet there are heretics. Herctics who dare to shout from the housetops that this collegiate cult is not the true faith. The reformers claim not that the faith is wholly false but that it leads to that which is false to standards of collegiate life which the foundners of football never contemplated and never would approve.

"No one wishes to do away with football, but suggestions have been and are being made that gantes be cut down to two or three a year, that coaches be paid on the same scale as professors, that inter-sectional games, commercialism, and above all professionalism be reduced to an absolute minimum and that newspaper publicity be limited in its extent.

"These suggestions are remedtes for specific and obavious evils. Will they be considered with thought and care by the colleges? Will they be permitted to slide gently into obilvion? Or still worse, will they be shouted down by fanatical alumni and unthinking students who fear to see their Roman holiday transformed into a mere athletic contest conducted on a basis of sportsmanship and fair play." --The Amberst Student.

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