Red Cross Receives $1,000, Salvation Army $500--Chalfont is Appointed to Budget Committee

In order to avoid the difficulty which the Student Council has experienced in previous years in making donations to charitable institutions, a meeting of the Council last night voted that the president, treasurer, and graduate secretary of the Phillips Brooks House Association constitute an advisory committee to the Chairman of the Budget Committee. It was also voted to appoint Henry Chalfont '31 as a member of the Budget Committee.

Of the average budget of $12,000 which the Student Council collects annually from the pledges made at registration time, one third goes directly to the Phillips Brooks House, one third remains for the expenses of the Council, miscellaneous purposes, and donations to organized charity. It is to aid in intelligent disposal of this latter sum that it has been decided to employ the assistance of the officers of the Brooks Association.

$2250 Remains for Distribution

This year the committee of the P. B. H. is as follows: James Roosevelt '30, president; C. G. Chase '30, treasurer; and J. H. Lane '28, graduate secretary. John Cross '30 is the chairman of the Budget Committee.

As the Student Council retains $700 for its own overhead and running expenses, and as $750 is being given to the Harvard Band for the Michigan trip, $2550 remains for distribution among benevolent institutions. It has already been decided to give $1,000 to the Red Cross and $500 to the Salvation Army, he bequests to the Cambridge Boy Scouts and the Committee on Friendly Relations among. Foreign Students awaiting the consultation of the Budget Committee with the newly-formed P. B. H. advisory group.