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The list of 157 Freshmen who passed their entrance examinations with an average of 80 per cent or better is printed below, by authority of the Committee on Admission. The school which led in the number of graduates appearing on this list is Boston Latin School, represented by 46 members of the Class of 1933. The next largest group comes from Exeter, with 22; then St. Mark's School with 9; Brookline High School with 7; and St. Paul's School with 7. There are 48 schools represented on the list.

The names follow:

A. L. Abrams, Boston Latin School; G. H. Acheson, Shady Side Academy; J. H. D. Allen, Jr., Chestnut Hill Academy; C. E. Angle, Exeter; M. L. Anshen, Brookline High School; B. K. Bachrach, Exeter; W. B. Bacon, Groton School; M. A. Benson, Boston Latin School; J. M. Bigelow, Groton School; H. H. Bissell, Exeter; R. A. Bloomfield, Central High School; J. J. Borland, II, Choate School; B. C. Bowker, Boston Latin School; M. C. Bradley, Jr., Arlington High School; Leon Brooks, Boston Latin School; Abraham Brown, Boston Latin School; D. W. Brown, Jr., Saint Mark's School; Hamilton Brown, Andover; W. M. Burdett, Trinity School.

Samuel Cabot, Jr., Saint Mark's School; A. E. Cleary, Boston Latin School; Sidney Cohen, Classical High School; S. L. Cohen, Boston Latin School; Gordon Crane, Williston Academy; S. E. Davenport, III, Westminster School; F. M. Dearborn, Choate School; R. H. Denison, Loomis Institute; William Dworetsky, Boston Latin School; L. K. Emerson, Exeter; J. N. Eustis, Loomis Institute; W. C. Everett, Exeter; H. L. Fain, Exeter; R. D. Fallon, Exeter; R. S. Fitzgerald, Springfield High School; Aleck freed, Boston Latin School; I. H. Friedberg, Boston Latin School; E. W. Fuller, Jr., Boston Latin School; Oliver Garceau, Newton Country Day School; Henry Gesmer, Thayer Academy.

A. J. Gilligan, Boston Latin School; E. A. Golde, Franklin School; Joseph Goldring, Boston Latin School; Hamilton Gray, Milton Academy; Herman Gross, Boston Latin School; N. Z. Grover, Boston Latin School; A. M. Halpern, Boston Latin School; A. C. Harrison, Jr., Saint Paul's School; S. M. Hart, Hempstead High School; A. M. Hatch, Brookline High School; R. M. C. Hatch, Saint Mark's School; H. C. Hatfield, Evanston High School; C. E. Herlihy, Boston Latin School; B. A. Herman, Boston Latin School; J. D. Hersey, Warren Harding High School; C. H. Hollis, Chauncy Hall School; H. D. Horblit, Boston Latin School; J. B. Howard, Exeter; J. N. M. Howells, Saint Paul's School.

Richard Inglis, Hawken School; J. H. Jackier, Wyoming Seminary; J. F. Joseph, Boston Latin School; J. F. Kane, Jr., Saint Joseph's College High School; Leonard Kaplan, Boston Latin School; C. B. Kenney, Boston Latin School; M. J. Klainer, Boston Latin School; D. D. Knox, Exeter; Edward Landsberg, Boston Latin School; J. A. Lardner, Andover; J. D. Lawlor, Boston Latin School; H. W. Lee, Bridgeport High School; R. E. Levi, Brookline High School; J. C. Lewis, Brookline High School; Philip Lipkin, Boston Latin School; W. C. Lothrop, Brookline High School; W. J. Loughran, Boston Latin School; J. R. Lourie, Boston Latin School; Morton McMichael, Exeter; I. H. Magnet, Boston Latin School.

A. G. Malkan, Mercersburg Academy; W. J. Manning, Exeter; C. DeL. Marshall, Exeter; B. B. Martin, Tabor Academy; R. L. Mindlin, Fieldston School; E. E. Mitchell, Exeter; V. R. Montanari, Newton Country Day School; R. A. Montgomery, Saint Mark's School; Charles Morgan, Jr., Saint Paul's School; J. S. Newberry, Saint Mark's School; G. M. Noss. Boston Latin School; Sidney Olans, Boston Latin School; H. I. Orentlicher, Brockton High School; R. H. Packard, Classical High School; Isadore Paisner, Brookline High School; J. W. Peirce, Saint Mark's School; R. F. Pickarski, Boston Latin School; E. E. Post, Saint Mark's School; Albert Pratt, Newton Country Day School; Richard Proskauer, Loomis Institute; E. C. Pugh, Browne and Nicllois School.

W. C. Quigley, Boston Latin School; J. B. Rackliffe, Newton Country Day School; C. B. Radlo, Boston Latin School; David Rawle, Groton School; Birdsey Renshaw, Borace Mann School; R. D. de Rham, Saint Mark's School; R. L. Riley Exeter; F. S. Robbins, Exeter; A. D. Rohinson, Saint Paul's School; B. S. Rogers, Thayer Academy; M. MacN. Rorty, Exeter; H. M. Rosen, Boston Latin School; A. H. Rosenthal, Boston Latin School; Hyman Rosenthal, Eastside High School; C. C. Rumsey, Saint Paul's School; Nicholas Sano, Classical High School; Stuart Scott, Jr., Saint Mark's School; Morris Shapiro, Somerville High School; Robert Shapiro, Boston Latin School; R. E. Shikes, Brookline High School.

Samuel Silverman, Boston Latin School; W. S. Sims, Jr., Saint George's School; C. E. Smith, Newton High School; Norman Smith, Boston Latin School; H. B. Solomon, Fieldston School; H. A. Spalding, Milton Academy; Samuel Spencer, Milton Academy; R. P. Stebbins, Newton High School; W. H. Stein, Exeter; R. B. Stever, Exeter; D. M. Sullivan, Boston Latin School; J. O. Sumner, Jr., Private Tutors; Myer Swartz, Boston Latin School; Harry Tarutz, Boston Latin School; G. Q. Thorndike, Saint Paul's School; T. McC. Torrey, Middlesex School; A. T. Torrielli, Boston Latin School; R. W. Vilter, Hughes High School; H. W. Wadleigh, Exeter; G. B. Walker, Northwood School.

J. B. Walker, Saint Paul's School; R. J. Walsh, Jr., Andover; H. B. Washburn, Jr., Groton School; J. D. Wassersug, Boston Latin School; D. G. Way, Thayer Academy; A. W. Weil, Jr., Choate School; David Weld, Milton Academy; G. G. Wells, Exeter; R. C. Wells, Exeter; Taggart Whipple, Noble and Greenough School; J. M. Wilfand, Boston Latin School; Max Wilfand, Boston Latin School; A. F. Wilson, Jr., Exeter; B. A. Winter, Shaw High School; E. B. Wood, Santa Barbara School; Edward Yeomans, Jr., Thacher School; Hamilton Young, Newton Country Day School

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